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Questions To Ask Before You Move Into a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Listed below are questions we believe should be asked of the community you are looking at moving into, regardless of where it is. You truly need to have as much information available to you as possible before you make the big decision you are contemplating.

Who owns the community?
We are a stand-alone, 501(c)(3) nonprofit community. We are governed by a Board of Directors and managed daily by an Executive Director.

Who serves on the board of directors or trustees? Who manages the community?
Our by-laws state we will have a total of 9 Board members, 5 of which are residents of John Knox Village. Our Executive Director, Mindy Lasater, is a licensed long-term Nursing Home Administrator.

How long has the community been in operation?
55 years

Is the community a nonprofit or for-profit?

Is the community an entry fee or a monthly rental community?
Both. To participate in our standard LifeCare Plan, you pay an entrance endowment and a monthly maintenance fee. To lease, you simply pay a monthly fee with no down payment.

When you walk up to the community, is it well-groomed and maintained?
Yes! We have four, full-time grounds professionals who maintenance all lawns, beds, trees, and curbs.

Does it look inviting and homey?
Yes! We do not have the look of a modern institution. Our community is well maintained with an eclectic style, inside and out.

Is there security for the community?
Yes! 24-hours a day.

Is there transportation available if I need/want to go anywhere?
Yes! We have scheduled transportation 3 to 5 times weekly.

Could you see yourself living there?
Stop by and find out for yourself!

Do you “fit” with the culture, the people, the location, etc.?
We have residents from all over the nation. Everyone is welcome.

What other medical services are available on campus or nearby?
Knapp Hospital – Weslaco McAllen and Harlingen 15 miles away. When/if needed, we have a 24-hour Assisted Living with a private efficient apartment and a private full bathroom. When/if needed, we have 24-hour skilled nursing care in our 60-bed Health Center.

May I continue to use my current physician or must I use a physician approved by the community?
You are able to use the physician of your choice. We recommend having a local physician, but we do not endorse anyone in particular.

How is the decision made to transfer a resident from independent living to assisted living or the nursing center?
The decision is made in concordance with the resident, the doctor, the family (if available), and the Executive Director.

Will my fees change when I transfer to the nursing and health care facilities? Will there be extra charges?
The extra charges may include any ancillary items needed for your personal care, 3 meals served daily, medications, and needed transportation to/from doctor’s visits and/or hospital transfers.

Can I move to a more expensive or less expensive unit? What is the process?
When transferring between independent living units, you will pay a $2000 transfer fee. There is no refund on the entrance endowment when moving from a more expensive unit to a less expensive unit. If transferring to a more expensive unit than your original choice, you pay the difference in the endowment fee. Your monthly fee will be adjusted to accommodate the unit you select.

Will I be entitled to a refund of any fees if I move in and later decide to leave? Are all details spelled out in the agreement?
The contract is very clear about refunds. There are three plans that have refunds built-in so that an heir(s) will receive a refund upon death. Our Standard Life Care Plan does not result in a refund upon death. If the contract is terminated and the resident moves out, the portion of the entrance endowment that is not yet amortized is refundable upon the resale of that unit, minus the monthly maintenance fee for the 120-day notice.

Under what circumstances can the community terminate my agreement?
The contract is very clear about terminations: The Village may terminate the Resident’s occupancy upon a showing of good cause that the Resident is not complying with the operating procedures of the Village and/or is creating a disturbance within the Village detrimental to the health and/or peaceful
lodging of others.

In the event the Resident should become affected with a contagious disease, o becomes mentally or emotionally disturbed to the degree that his or her presence in the Village shall be deemed detrimental to the health or peace of other residents, the Village shall have the authority to transfer the Resident to an appropriate hospital. This determination shall be made by the Executive Director in consultation with the Resident’s personal physician and member of the Resident’s family
or legal guardian.

If I am single but remarry while I am a resident, what additional fees will
be required?

Your spouse will have to qualify medically for Life Care, you will pay the second person entrance endowment and your monthly maintenance fee will be adjusted.

Does the agreement qualify residents for a tax deduction for medical expenses?
A large portion of your entrance endowment fee is medically deductible for the first year of occupancy. Every year after, a portion of the monthly maintenance fee is deductible.

How much was the deduction in the most recent year? Does it apply to the entry fee, monthly fees, or both?
Up to $24,025 was medically deductible for the first-year entrance endowment, and up to $8,004 was medically deductible as part of the monthly maintenance fee.

As a resident, will I pay real estate tax? If so, how much?
As a resident, you do not pay property or city tax.